Brent Corrigan – Gay Pornographic Film Star

Who is Brent Corrigan?

Pornstar crush Brent Corrigan was a stage name previously used by Sean Paul Lockhart. Sean started his career in the gay porn entertainment industry as a male porn star performer. He stared in several movies as Brent Corrigan and even started his own pornographic adult website TheNewBrentCorrigan. Brent Corrigan was introduced to the porn industry by his former boyfriend Bryan Kocis who owned Cobra Video.

Brent Corrigan’s early Career

Sean has since talked about feeling under pressure to perform bareback when he was performing in his early days as Brent Corrigan. He has spoken out about the dangers of bareback porn and the poor example bareback porn provides to young men when it comes to safe sex. In 2016 Sean Paul Lockhart was the subject of a biographical film called King Cobra, featuring Christian Slater, Garrett Clayton, Keegan Allen and James Francothe. The film depicted his life as Brent Corrigan in the early part of his career as a pornographical film actor featuring in films by cobra video.

Outside Porn

Sean Paul Lockhart has recently become an advocate for safe sex and has publicly spoken about the importance of using protection. Sean has specifically spoken out about the social impact bare back porn has on gay and bisexual men’s decision-making, and has proactively supported a move towards the porn industry promoting protection.

Loving Brent C – Adult Film

In 2018 working with Falcon Studios, Sean Lockhart starred in his latest adult film called Loving Brent Corrigan.