Hollywood Dreams – Short Erotic Fantasy

“Sweet sensation” those were the two words that could closely describe the tremors that ran through my body as his warm mouth invaded my cock. My eyes were shut firmly, my teeth were clenched tightly, and my body was shaking badly like the large sub-woofers in the corners. I tried to stifle my moans to appear like I wasn’t enjoying it, like everyone else in the room who were moaning, groaning, or even writhing in pleasure- I couldn’t.

As the tips of his teeth grazed the tips of my cock, I couldn’t help it as the moan escaped my lip, making my partner repeat it again.

Stepping into the halls earlier, I had thought I was the only odd one – the one without the cars or the contacts, but what I wasn’t expecting was what this party had become- a party of Bare & Bone jockstrap wearing, cock- sucking and pleasure-loving men. In that moment, I could see that everyone was equal. Equal because there was no rich or poor, famous or infamous, we were just men having an orgy almost a hundred of us, loving every bit of it.

Like the force of a volcano, the spasm travelled up my shaft, shaking my legs in the process and distracting me from my thoughts. Accompanying it was my warm juicy cum spilling into my partner’s mouth before I had the chance to tell him. I opened my eyes for the first time, and in the haze that followed, I saw the satisfied look in my partners’ Grecian eyes before he said, “Come do me.”


As I cleaned the pool. I remembered how bit by bit, my dreams of becoming a success in this city of dreams had disappeared like the leaf and particles from the surface of the water.

I gazed at my reflection in the water; there was no doubt to my comeliness. I was still as good- looking as the twenty-two-year-old Texan who left the lone star state to seek stardom and success in Tinseltown. I couldn’t forget the morning I had walked up to my parents while they were milking the cows. I could see the smile on their faces melt and transform into shock and then sadness when I delivered the coup de grace. I told them I would be moving to Hollywood the next morning. Farming wasn’t my thing, I told them. I had chosen acting and stardom for milking cows and driving tractors.

Knowing how stubborn headed I was, they had continued with their work, and in the morning, they had given their blessings, telling me to call and come back home if it didn’t work out.

I had packed my bag with so much enthusiasm. I was cocksure that I would become the next Hollywood star. My mirror told me that I was the twenty-first century Clint Eastwood. My friends told me I was better looking than Liam Hemsworth. My girlfriend at the time told me that I was wasting away in Houston with all my chiselled abs, Hollywood boy looks, and incredible physique. I finally yielded and took the trip to Hollywood.

I had decided not to write to any one of them. I only called my parents once every quarter. I couldn’t tell them the truth. It would break their hearts, so I decided to stick with the lies.

I am in an agency I told them about the first month. Other times I told them that I was working on a western movie and I was under agreement not to disclose the terms of the contract or the storyline. I could hear my mother’s excited giggle anytime I told her these believable lies. What mother wouldn’t be excited that their son would soon have their name inscribed on the Hollywood walk of fame. My father, on the other hand, would neither commend nor condemn me. I feared that he was the only one who knew the truth. From the words he told me after every call, I knew he knew I was telling them a whole lot of crap.

If I hadn’t come to Hollywood, I wouldn’t have know it was possible to have a pool this big. Everything was supersize; larger than life in Hollywood- the houses, the cars, the pools, and even people’s egos.

I could remember stepping foot on the Los Angeles soil. The almost two-day train ride from Houston Amtrak station to the Los Angeles Union station did very little to dampen my enthusiasm no matter how tired I was.

Stepping off the train, I  was poised to change Hollywood and If I knew that barely months after arriving in  LaLaLa land, that the city would change me, probably I would have reserved my enthusiasm and contained my expectations.

Cleaning the pool of the house of a top movie executive was the closest I have ever gotten to my dream. A couple of my former colleagues in my first workplace, a gas station, had been luckier; they had managed to make an appearance in certain low budget movies without having to undergo what I had to undergo. Their few seconds of movie experience had come without them having to suck anyone’s dick like I have had to do.

I couldn’t complain. I liked sucking dick, but I wished sucking- dick would be a fair exchange. The promises the men always made, especially in those moments when they are about to spill their seed, never came to pass. Farming the arid Texas soil had, however, built me into a persistent being and it was this persistence that had brought me to this. I was a pool boy in charge of cleaning the two large pools in the 26 room mansion, with a secret tunnel and chandeliers. I had heard that there would be a party in the grounds, which was why I was being called to clean the 80ft pool for the second time in a week. My contact, the jerk who had gotten me the job, had told me that the who is who of the industry would be there, and anyone who didn’t get an invite isn’t considered noteworthy. Given the fact, I couldn’t even get a one-minute feature in a movie, I couldn’t expect an invite. All I could expect was my paycheck at the end of the week, I thought, as I put away the brush in the store. I walked towards the next pool, satisfied with my work.


I stared at the invitation cards like I was a transfixed animal under the glare of a car’s headlight. I couldn’t believe what had happened to me in the last hour. If I were religious, I would have called it a miracle, but I wasn’t. Nevertheless, I couldn’t explain the events that had happened.

I thought about calling my parents or my friends back home in Texas to share the news. I decided against it. I wished I had friends in L.A to share the news with- the news that I had been invited to the party. I had none, so all I had was double-check if I was actually holding the invite in my hands or if I actually had the conversation with the award-winning movie executive. I recalled our conversation as I applied some of the cologne that came with the invitation on my wrist. I was about to head home, when I saw him drive-in, in his rolls Royce Wraith. I ignored him the way I was told to do. Do what you are paid to do and mind your business if you want to survive in Hollywood, I was told. He stopped me as soon as our eyes met, telling me how he hadn’t seen me around and if I was interested in being a movie star. I told him of my travails and the failures that trailed all my efforts. I told him that I was a pool boy, and he told me that he would give me an opportunity that would change my life. He made me promise to say yes. He probably knew that it would blow my mind, because it did. I had three days to prepare. I would have to break my bank to look the part. I knew that I would have no second chance to make the first impression in one of Hollywood’s biggest parties of the year. It was a risk worth taking, and I was ready.    


As soon as I got to the poolside, my eyes almost popped out of their socket.. I couldn’t believe how much the poolside had transformed – it had become a sort of garden of Eden filled with low hanging faux fruits and trees, couches that held scantily clad men. The first thing I noticed after I took the first flute of champagne offered to me was the absence of women.  The next thing I noticed was how the men were either in Bare & Bone Jockstraps, swimming trunks, dancing completely naked or swimming. It must be the pool I concluded. Looking away from two guys kissing. I headed inside the house and I saw my host in a golden robe under which was a Bare & Bone leather jockstrap revealing a cock of indeterminate size. He clasped me by the shoulder and led me through the mass of kissing, cuddling, and other party goers that were fucking. It was then it dawned on me that I was at a gay party.


Slide it and you can have what’s in it, my host told me, looking at me with such an intense look that I looked from his face to whatever lay behind the Bare & Bone leather jockstrap. I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to go down on him.

I could still taste his tongue on mine. I could still feel my legs quiver after the intense blowjob he had given me. Regardless of my hesitation, we had just had what I would call the best kiss and felatio of my entire life, and I could feel his cock jut out of the jockstrap as I prepared to return the favor.

I slid the jockstrap, and rising from it like the hull of a ship was a pink big cock. I didn’t give a second thought before I gobbled the tip, rubbing my tongue over the tip like a professional cleaner wiping off a surface. I could hear my host moan in satisfaction as he placed his hands on my head, moving my head further down his shaft. I had barely gone halfway through when my eyes saw the ice- cream on the loveseat beside us. Like a light bulb, the idea popped in my head. I reached for it, while my right hand was bobbing over his cock. He shivered as I spooned a full spoon of ice-cold cream on his cock.

Wait. What… I heard him gasp. But he was unprepared for what happened next- my warm mouth wrapped over his quivering cock.

You’re fucking crazy, Joel, he said hoarsely. I giggled in response. He exhaled as I worked my mouth continuously over the cock, licking the cream one warm flick of my tongue after the other. I heard weird noises escape from his lips as I took his cream covered balls in one gulp while my hands massaged the throbbing veiny shaft. I could feel his moan drowning out the ambient sound of other moaners in the room. I was making him feel good, and I was happy about it. I couldn’t let the moment go to waste, so I dipped my hands into my pants and began massaging my slowly rising cock. I was aroused already, and it didn’t take long before my body began to respond to the moaning sounds and the warm massage of my palms. We climaxed at the same time, giggling playfully as we collapsed on the loveseat panting as we had just descended from Kilimanjaro. I spat out his thick seed into the champagne flute on the table. It will come in handy for the penetration, I concluded.  

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