Is it a ‘grower’ or a ‘shower’?

is it a grower or a shower post image

The age-old question everyone worries about their dick. Does mine measure up? Whether checking someone out at the urinal, locker room or in porn, every guy is obsessed with dick size. Most men’s dicks are around 3.75in when flaccid and 5in to 7in when erect. A ‘shower’ does not always have a bigger erection then a ‘grower’.

So how do we deal with this? Its all about the packaging… the right underwear can do wonders for your assets and your confidence.

So, let’s talk about the growers…

Are you in the average category? (That’s like most of us – right?) So you’re looking for is something to feature your assets in the best possible way, until the time comes.

Our Bare and Bone Reveal Jockstraps are perfect for this. The high brief design at the front, accentuates the pouch (and your bulge) enabling your dick to look bigger and longer.

Patterns or stripes take the eyes off the size of the package and focus on the whole offering. Our Jockstar Camouflage jockstrap and Jockstar Stripe can do this for you. Out Jockstar Stripe jockstrap also has other benefits – with the long strips designed to accentuate the pouch and create a bigger package to the eyes of the beholder.

Our Bare & Bone Fettish jockstrap is another perfect jockstrap to accentuate you package, the faux leather pouch, reflects the light an makes your package appear larger.

Finally, black jockstraps are perfect for giving the illusion that there is a little bit more there. Our Bare & Bone Fetish JockstrapJockstar Classic Mesh JockstrapBare & Bone Classic Mesh Jockstrap are all perfect for this.

Now the showers….

Are your always all there? The sort of guy who raises eyebrows in the locker room? Then you need to show it all off. Benefit from that instant reaction. Our Bare & Bone Thong is perfect for this. You can see everything. Putting everyone in the mood.

Our second recommendation for a grower is the Bare & Bone Peek Mesh Jockstrap. This jock has a peek hole at the top which will revel to top of you shaft. The bigger you are the more will be on show. And when you ready to go you can show the tip off through the hole.

Then we move on to the color. A color jock will show off your member, highlighting all of the bulges – try our red Jockstar Signature JockstrapBare & Bone Sexy JockstrapBare & Bone Obsession Jockstrap and Jockstar Locker Room Jockstrap.

We also have 7 jockstraps in our mesh collection. The mesh fabric allows a sneak peek through to the outline of your member.

Remember all of our mens jockstraps have been designed to fit all sizes of dicks. The pouches stretch with your dick size resulting in a comfortable fit for everyone.

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