Jockstrap vs. Backless Briefs: Which one should I buy?


Men jockstraps have been in fashion for years to protect men from sports injuries, many times come with a cup for added protection. Men usually wear them to help keep their assets supported and together in one place. The Jockstrap has a design that is simple but effective. There is a waistband, of course, and then a pouch area that covers your scrotum and penis. The pouch connects to straps at the bottom that runs between your legs and wrap around underneath the buttocks. There are different jockstraps for a variety of sports, but overall, that is a general concept. The pouch is usually a sleeve as well that you can put a cup into for sports like baseball.

Men jockstraps were first invented for sports and designed to hold an athletic cup. Many sports nowadays require men to wear a protective cup to play. These include but are not limited to Baseball, Boxing, Hockey, Football, Fencing, and Lacrosse. Cups are usually made of plastic, although they are also made up of steel before as well. They form a protective shield around the scrotum and penis so that no severe damage can occur to them while playing. Cups are also designed differently for different sports. Soccer would have a more flexible cup because you are always moving and kicking. Whereas Boxing may have a cup and jock combo that exists into other layers of protection. Baseball would need a firm and robust cup because the ball would be traveling at it with high speeds. This is the reason why we see cricketers, hockey players, and players playing in MLS and MLB wearing jockstrap to protect their scrotum and to provide some comfort in the form of the open buttocks.

Comfort in Jockstrap

A Jockstrap isn’t only about holding up everything in place for your comfort, it’s also about protecting them from any kind of harm or injuries they could suffer. To put it simply: The two main functions of the Jockstrap is to grab, hold, and protect your genitals while you work out. Simple as that. However, those aren’t the only two functions. Men have discovered that the Jockstrap is actually ‘Comfy.’ It’s nice to walk around without having to adjust yourself now and then, and wearing a jockstrap can help you with that. And of course, there’s the sexual part about it. The jockstraps came into being with the intentions of helping out men while working out but over time have become a significant part of gay culture. However, the Jockstrap isn’t only meant for gay men to wear; it’s for every man out there.

Benefits of wearing Jockstraps

  • Ventilating and cooling properties: the lack of back material allows air to circulate much more than standard underwear. This is particularly useful in sports and warmer climates.
  • More natural leg movement: the lack of side material allows the legs to move more quickly, perfect for sports.
  • Front support: the front pouch keeps the essentials lifted. The Jockstrap is sometimes known as a supporter for this very reason. The support can be useful after medical surgery in the genital area but also for holding everything in place during sports.
  • Boosted Fertility: A massive reason for decreased sperm counts in men is too much heat radiating through the genital area. Bunch boxers have way too much fabric, and this can cause you to overheat. Constricting briefs can do the same thing, but with jockstraps, you’re not likely to experience overheating. Since there isn’t much fabric at all, you’ll get a constant breeze through your nether regions. This can help to boost sperm counts in men. Overall, wearing jockstraps are a health-conscious underwear option for men.

Backless Briefs

Jockstraps paved the way for the Briefs to come into the market. Briefs are highly supportive, similar to that of a jockstrap because they are tight fitting to the body, and they hold everything in place well due to the brief being right up against your skin. But they cover all of your buttocks. The material is usually somewhat elastic so that it can move when you move.

Men’s briefs, unlike boxer shorts, hold the wearer’s genitals in a relatively fixed position, which makes briefs a popular underwear choice for men who are participating in athletic activities or who feel they need more support than loose-fitting underwear can provide. Also, boxers often ride up the body when the wearer is running. There are variations on the brief with different cuts, some offering a more full leg and others a narrower leg, names including, midi, full, sport, active, mini, bikini. Some briefs have the cut to only the waistband on the side, called a tanga brief.

Backless Briefs in Modern Fashion

However, modern fashion includes backless briefs. Men’s backless briefs provide full frontal and some side coverage, similar to a brief, but have an open bottomless rear, similar to a jockstrap. So, they are a combination of a jock and a brief. They look sexy whilst framing the buttocks, and they help to keep you cool & dry with extra air circulation at the back.

Since the days of only wearing jockstraps for sports are long gone, underwear designers around the world are focusing on improving the style of the Jockstrap. This is where backless briefs jump in. They are starting to design them to be bright, colorful, and funky. You won’t just see the classic white backless brief when you browse for your new pair of underwear online.

Comparison between Jockstrap and Backless Briefs and which one should be your choice

So, the difference between a jockstrap and a brief comes to the point where Jockstrap mostly has a protective cup, and it comes in the form of a pouch in front. While backless brief provides full coverage from the front although, it also contains genitals and scrotum in one place. However, it does not protect a jockstrap. Both are backless and keep the buttock open so different there.

So, if you want to protect your scrotum lie in extreme sports, you must wear Jockstrap then, but if you just want to wear something for fashion, then you must opt for backless briefs as they come in many styles and fashions. They give a good frontal look mixed with some designs.

If you want to go for a pouch and you like your asset to be distinctive, then you must wear a jockstrap as it consists of a pouch at front. Many sexy jockstraps are available which come in different kinds of pouches, so you get a better chance to display your masculine organ. However, if you do not like wearing a pouch as many men do not feel comfortable wearing it, then you must go for a backless brief as it provides full coverage at front and does not contain pouch to hold your scrotum at front. They are deemed to be more comfortable. So, for casual usage, you must opt for backless briefs.

Why we think Jockstraps Take a Slight Edge

Jockstraps provide comfort because they keep all your bits exactly where they belong. Sitting or standing, it doesn’t matter; there are no more embarrassing moments getting caught adjusting yourself in the break room or providing entertainment for a co-worker across the hall with an unobstructed view of under your desk as you wrestle your junk into a more comfortable position. Unlike briefs or boxers, jockstraps won’t ride up into uncomfortable places, forcing you to either put up with the discomfort during the daily office meeting or have you trying to discretely yank them back out.

High waistbands can pinch, which is uncomfortable, to say the least, and sometimes painful. Jockstraps do their job with the bare minimum of material, making them the superior choice for comfort and support. Less material means that jockstraps come in under the typical price boxers or briefs fetch. Lower prices mean you can buy more, which means you’ll always have a fresh pair handy for when you don’t get a chance to do the washing. Less material also means your bum stays fresher in the hotter weather. A cooler bum means less sweating!

Size determination

Choosing the right size is just like picking out a new pair of boxers or briefs, you want the fit to be comfortable and wearable for a long time. Determine if you will wear the strap under or over your boxers or briefs. Wearing the Jockstrap over the underwear may push the waist size up one if you are on the cusp of two sizes. Choose boxers or briefs that fit tightly, not loosely, if wearing over the undergarments.

Measure your waist for an accurate size. Use a flexible tape measure and wrap it around the fullest part of your waist. Use this measurement to determine if your Jockstrap is a small, medium, or large. Take your measures while wearing boxers or briefs if you will be wearing the Jockstrap over undergarments. Match your waist size to the jockstrap size chart. Most jockstrap size charts are present on the package; however, a medium waist for men is typically a 30-31. A large is 32-34. A Extra large is 35-36.

Purchase the cup size separately if the items do not come pre-packaged together. Typically, the cup comes with the size of the Jockstrap; however, if the cup is not included, purchase the cup size depending on your preference of small, medium, or large.

A good supporter must function almost as an integral part of your body if it is going to be comfortable and effective. When choosing a jockstrap, keep in mind that the sizing does not relate to the cup size – only the waistband size. Ideally, jockstraps should come in sizes like women’s bras – with a band size and a cup size. Unfortunately, they don’t. However, it’s valuable to note that as the sizing goes up, so does the pouch size. If you think about it, this makes no sense, given the fact that there is no correlation between a man’s waist size and his package size. So, if you try on a jockstrap and it feels a little snug, you can go up a band size to get a larger pouch. However, you may have to have the band size altered down. Leg straps should be tight enough to prevent rolling or twisting. The waistband should fit the contours of your body for natural support. Generally, a waistband on a supporter will be wider than the average waistband on briefs, offering greater support. Since the Jockstrap has little to keep it in place, a sturdy wide waistband helps.