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MrJockstrap's Fetish Underwear 

Our Men's fetish underwear range is designed to bring excitement and pleasure in the bedroom. We have straps and leatherette, leopard and mesh to help take things to a new level. Our open back designs lift and enhance buttocks so you can enjoy all night long. All of our fetish underwear has been designed to get you and your partner in the mood. We have see through thongs, peep holes, animal print, mesh and leatherette. Choose your underwear style to fit your mood. At MrJockstrap we have two exclusive men's underwear brands Bare&Bone and Jockstar. We offer straps, leatherette and mesh with different patterns to help bring out your animalistic side in bed.

Feel Free in our Gay Fetish Underwear 

We have designed our gay underwear with a comfortable pouch at the front to allow you assets to hang naturally. The exposed back allows easy access for all manor of fun. Feel sexy and free knowing you are wearing fetish underwear under your clothing. If you are looking for a deal we have multi packs which offer excellent variety and value. We often have discounted items and regularly send out exclusive offers and discounts to those who are on our mailing list. At MrJockstrap our goal is to provide quality gay fetish underwear at competitive prices without compromising on style or material choice. Designed with your package in mind, these high-tech fabric underwear will stay secure during any game or match no matter what position they find themselves in! Choose from our four styles of elastic waistband – Gold&Black Collection, Pride Rainbow Collection,  Jockstar Classic Collection and Bare&Bone Classic Collection.

It's All about the Size

Our fetish underwear is made of high-tech fabric designed with a contoured pouched to help you stay secure and accommodate your package. We have 3 underwear sizes: Small, 31"-31.5" Medium 32"-33.5", Large 34"-36". Base your undies size on your waist, measure it with a flexible tape measure that can go around you comfortably without squeezing too tight against your skin.