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Mens Jockstraps exclusively designed by MrJockstrap

Mr Jockstrap has a large range of mens jockstraps for all of your male underwear needs. Whether your looking for an everyday fashion jockstrap, sports gym wear or sexy underwear for the bedroom we have the jockstrap for you. Take a look through our exclusive range of jocks and grab yourself a deal with our multi-packs. No matter where life takes you; every man needs something in their top drawer from MrJockstrap.

Feel liberated by wearing a mens jockstrap

Mr Jockstrap is on a mission to liberate men from the confines of traditional boring underwear and provide you with comfort, freedom, and style. We love the concept “less is more” leaving less to the imagination is both liberating and empowering. Browse our store to find the perfect jockstrap to fit your personality and fashion style. At Mr Jockstrap we have designed our own exclusive mens jockstrap brands Jockstar and Bare&Bone. We have regular special offers and multi-packs, providing an opportunity to save on the RRP.

Jockstraps that are designed to allow your package to hang naturally 

Our mens jockstraps have a contour pouch, which enhances the appearance of your bulge by allowing your assets to hang free. Compared to traditional underwear such as a boxer, brief or thong which tightly compresses, resulting in a flat uncomfortable bulge. In addition, if you're looking for extra support to boost the size of your bulge further our underwear is designed to accommodate our Bare&Bone Enhancing cup. The Enhancing cup comfortably cushions your package and enhances the appearance of your bulge. Our jock straps are made of high-tech fabric and designed with a contoured pouch which supports any size package. We have cotton jockstraps or mesh jockstraps. Constructed from an ultra stretch soft mesh microfiber which doesn’t lose shape, feel too tight or bunch up so it will be the perfect fit no matter what your dimensions.

Gay Jockstrap Underwear

Jockstraps were originally designed for sport but became popular as a fashion item for gay men as they were more comfortable & stylish than traditional underwear. Gay men started wearing jockstrap underwear as a fashion item in the 1950's, since then they have grown in popularity and are still loved by gay men today.  At MrJockstrap we design fashion jocks for all men regardless of their sexuality, our Jockstraps are designed to be comfortable & enhance your natural assets allowing you to feel more confident in your underwear.

Mens Sports and Athletic Jockstraps

Men's jockey strap underwear originated as a must have for every man when participating in competitive sports and strenuous athletic activity. However now they are not just designed for the serious athlete, You can wear them as a everyday underwear! The pouch design offers you support with out the 'rising up' discomfort sometimes experienced with other types of underwear. The no chafing design of a jockstrap means it is perfect for the gym, cycling or other vigorous sport. We design jockstraps in a variety of styles and colors. This allows you to choose jockstraps to suit your lifestyle. We have red jockstrapsblack jockstrapsblue jockstraps and white jockstraps.

Size Matters when it comes to making sure your jockstrap fits correctly

We make our jockstraps pouches from high-tech fabric which is designed to stretch comfortably to accommodate your bulge. All of our jocks are designed with a contoured pouch to stay secure and accommodate any size package. We have 3 sizes Small 31"-31.5" Medium 32"-33.5" Large 34"-36" Base your size on your jeans size or measure your waist with a flexible tape measure.

Style Types of Mens Jock Strap

We have 4 styles of elastic waistband – Gold&Black Collection, Pride Rainbow Collection,  Jockstar Classic Collection and Bare&Bone Classic Collection.

Mesh Jock - Our mesh men's jockstrap underwear is made with a soft spandex pouch designed to keep you feeling cool and supported. Mesh Jockstraps are perfect for sport & physical activity due to there anti sweat properties.

Cotton Jock - Our fashion cotton jockstrap designs come in a range of different designs to suit your personality & style. We have designed our jockstraps to feel comfortable yet still look stylish and enhance your natural assets.

Leather Jock - We have designed a faux leather fetish jockstrap, ideal for those who want a little more kink. Our masculine leather fetish jockstrap is designed with a large faux leather pouch and additional side straps, it is perfect for the bedroom.

Sexy Jock - We have a range of sexy jock straps designed using the finest fabric to enhance your assets, many come with a mesh pouch to boost confidence and get you in the mood.

Backless Briefs - Our backless briefs or sometimes known as a 'jock brief' are a modern twist on the original fashion jockstrap design. They still show off the buttocks at the back but fit like a traditional brief rather than just the pouch & jock strap design.

Are jockstraps good for everyday men's underwear?

A lot of men wear Jockstraps as they are very comfortable an offer more support than other types of underwear such as briefs and boxers. They are great for everyday use as well during physical activity such as running or when working out at the gym.

When should you wear mens jockstrap underwear?

Jockstraps or athletic supporters are recommended when participating in sports. They reduce chafing and offer good support which helps to keep your genitalia in the correct place. They can also be used as everyday fashion underwear. Jockstraps are very popular as the pouch enhances your natural bulge, feels comfortable and keeps you cool.

Are jockstraps healthy?

Jockstraps are considered healthy underwear for men to wear as they allow mens genitalia to fall in the nature position whilst keeping your testicals cool. The pouch also offer support whilst allowing easier movement due to less material around the legs than other types of underwear such as briefs & boxers.

Why would you wear a jockstrap?

Men's jockstraps are designed to keep your penis and scrotum in the natural position. This helps to reduce uncomfortable rubbing or chafing during physical activity. They are also worn as a fashion item as they can enhance the shape and size of your bulge.

What size jockstrap should I buy?

We design jockstraps in 3 different sizes, Small, Medium and Large. Measure your waist using a measuring tape. You will then be able to work out your correct size using our size guide below. Our jock pouches are made from high tech fabric designed to stretch to the size of your bulge.

Mens Jockstrap Underwear Sizing Guide

Small Size - Fits Waist US 30"-31.5" (77-80cm)

Medium Size - Fits Waist US 32"-33.5" (81-85cm)

Large Size - Fits Waist US 34"-36" (86-91cm)

Are jockstraps only for gay men?

Jockstraps have become very popular with gay men as a fashion item since the 1950’s. Although now they are worn by all men regardless of their sexuality. They can be used when participating in sport or vigorous activity as well as everyday underwear.

Should I wear a jock for running?

When running or participating in strenuous exercise for long periods of time the natural bouncing movement of your genitals can be uncomfortable. Some men find wearing a jockstrap or athletic supporter whilst running can help reduce the bouncing movement, whilst keeping you cool and comfortable. Men who regularly participate in contact sports may benefit from wearing an additional protective cup. A protective cup is designed to sit inside the jockstrap or athletic support and provides additional protection from direct impact.

Why is a jockstrap backless?

Jockstraps have no back material as this allows a wider range of movement with less chafing. They are designed to support your male genitalia with a front pouch whilst allowing easy moment without rubbing or chafing. Many men wear fashion jockstraps for aesthetic reasons as they lift the buttocks and the spandex pouch enhances your bulge.