Stand At Attention – Short Erotic Fantasy

soldier sitting on damaged aeroplane wing

My teeth clattered, my toes curled, and my heart throbbed as his warm mouth devoured my shaft. I felt different sensations in my body. I felt like I was in bathing stall in Nirvana. I increased the pressure of my hand on his head as my seed coursed through my shaft. His fingers pressed into the back of my thighs as if nudging me to fulfill the promise I made to him. I caught sight of the Jockstar Camo Jockstrap hanging from the rod underneath the sergeant uniform.

I’m coming… I’m coming; I whispered with ragged breath as my seed escaped from my member. I watched as he gulped it down, gazing up into my eyes. I felt raptured at that moment. Dreams can, indeed, come true. 


I had always loved the Military from when I was a little kid. My love for the men in camo and anything related began from the womb, my mother once said. 

When I grew up, I could remember that my fascination continued—the army uniform’s neatness, the troops’ order during parades intrigued me always. The stentorian voices of the commandants, the array of fighter jets, and the heroics of military forces were all the qualities that further appealed to me. Therefore, it was not surprising to anyone when I asked my parents to enroll me in the military training academy.

Wait till you’re 17-years-old, my mother told me when I was 15.  But father, can’t uncle do something? I remember saying a few days after my fifteenth birthday as we watched images of young soldiers graduating on the news. My father’s characteristic response was a smile and an admonition that two years wasn’t a long time to wait when compared with how long I have waited.

My dreams had always been filled with memories of my time in Bootcamp. The Military organized the camp for teens who were as fascinated as I was about the Military. I couldn’t tell which events in seven of these two – week camps were the most memorable to me. However, three stood out for me. One was when I won the strongest kid, the kid who did 50 press-ups at a young age, but the most remarkable was the year I kissed an older boy.

Eventually time passed as I was able to try for the real thing. I remember waiting patiently for the result of my life- my Armed services vocational Aptitude Battery test (ASVAB).  All my life, I had waited, but nothing was as grueling as waiting for this result.  I stayed with bated breath as the hourglass icon displayed on the screen. Finally, the mail opened. I felt my heart skip a beat.


The loud bang of metal on metal and the sudden flash of light jarred me awake. Fast forward 4 years I was living my dream. 

Wake up!

The metallic voice rang out again as shrill as the sound of the metal. I jumped up as fast as I could, my rock-solid boner pushing against my cotton underwear struck the edge of my bunk as I climbed down. I muffled the scream and hurriedly got into the outfit we wore for our early morning drills. I could see the angry look on our drill sergeants’ faces as they examined us as we filed out.

I was marching along with the straight file when I heard my name called. I looked in the direction of the voice and stepped out of the line. As I strolled towards the voice, I saw the name tag LOCKE; a sergeant.  The name was familiar and the face, but I couldn’t tell where I had met or seen him.

He asked me to come with him, and I did just that. We walked towards the back of the room, away from the other soldiers. I was scared, wondering what crime I had committed or rule I had broken; I wondered if he had read my mind and heard all the curse words I said when I woke up. I waited; I knew I would find out soon.

As we got to the far end of the field, he stopped and introduced himself to me. When he was done with the briefing, he asked me in a lower tone if I still remembered him. I nodded fast that I didn’t; he waved me away. As I saluted to leave, I realized that I did. Still, I couldn’t believe it was him. I had read his letter every day for years, but I couldn’t remember his face when I finally saw him again. He was the senior I kissed several years ago at the summer camp. By the time I turned he was gone.


I could still hear the screams of “Up, Down… Go back” … change position loud in my ears as I approached the shower stall feeling the pain in my body. We had just finished one of the drills I hated most. I was glad that we had finally kicked it off, and as I opened my locker, I wished he was around to help me relax. I couldn’t remember when he said he would be back from the assignment- today or next, all I knew was that my cock missed his lips, and my ass missed his cock. I thought about wanking myself, but I decided against it. I decided that I would wait instead. Locke was worth waiting for; hadn’t I waited years for him before? I asked myself.

I folded my clothes neatly, ignoring the sight of the jutting asses and different cock of fellow soldiers. They were stepping out of their uniforms en route the bathing stalls. I wasn’t bothered that such sights didn’t appeal to me; Locke’s body was enough for me- I wanted nothing more, no matter the size or shape. I picked my towel and headed towards the bathing stall- our favorite place.

I almost changed my mind, because it felt weird bathing there without him, no matter how risky it was; we had managed to pleasure ourselves without being caught. I must miss him so much to smell his perfume; I said to myself as I pushed open the door; the smell of his musky scent was so overpowering that I felt my cock stiffen.

My mouth was agape, and my bathing bag fell to the floor as soon as the door swung open. I couldn’t believe the sight in front of me.

Dressed in nothing except a new Jockstar Camo Jockstrap wrapped over his handsome cock. In seconds my eyes had taken an inventory of his chiseled muscles, glistening with beads of sweat. I quickly shut the stall as soon as I recovered. He placed his index finger on his lips, making the ‘be quiet’ sign. I got the cue immediately. I couldn’t contain the excitement of seeing him. He looked so fiery in the beautiful undergarment. I rushed towards him, planting a wet I- fucking- miss- you- kiss on his rubbery and slightly pouted lips.  He kissed me back, sliding his slippery tongue into my mouth. If there was something he was consistent with, it was his kiss. It had always been magical from then as a stranger until this moment as a lover- the taste of his tongue, lips, and dexterity showed that nothing had changed. I was no smoker, but I moaned as I inhaled the nicotine flavored breath of his. He dropped his hands to my ass, pulling me close till I almost felt his cock press against my abdomen. I whispered into his ears how much I have missed him and how surprised I was to see him in there, after which I swiped my wet tongue inside his ears, sucking his lobes after each swipe.

“I fucking missed you, also Ben.” He moaned as the sensations traveled from his ears. I didn’t give him any chance to say more, so I slid to my knees, took his cock still trapped in the Jockstar in my mouth. The hardness excited me more, making blood rush to mine. I could feel his hips dart towards my mouth as I dug my fingers into the jockstrap band. I wished we had more time, and I wished we were in a quiet place. I could have teased him more. I peeled off the underwear, and his masculine scent and smell of new underwear drove me insane. I looked at him before I swallowed the tip of his curved member. His eyes were closed as he anticipated the slippery warmth of my mouth. I heard his teeth clatter, and his grip tightened on my head. I worked my lips up to his shaft slowly and steadily, and I gradually increased the momentum as I built up a sucking rhythm. Holding his cock with one hand, I moved my free hand up his body, working for my hand up to his sweaty pects. He wanted more, and I did too. He thrust his hips fast against my mouth, breathing raggedly as he did. I tightened my lips around his veiny shaft, chocking as his member deep throated me in clean, fast strokes.

I took my hands off his body and began widening my hole, using my fingers to prepare a room for him there. I wanted to feel him inside me. It had been long since I was fucked, and I wanted it badly. I needed it to relieve the tension in my muscles.

I stood up without prompting, spat some saliva in my hands, and applied it over and within my hole. I saw his smile of appreciation, and I smiled back.

We had mastered the act of pleasuring ourselves without raising suspicion, but he still turned on the faucet. The sound of running water merged with the same sounds in adjoining stalls.

Please fuck me hard, Sarge. I have missed this. I have missed you. I mouthed to him as I turned my ass towards him. I led his solid cock up my hole. I bit my lip as he inched in tip first and shaft next. The cold water from the shower was making the experience more magical. My teeth clattered when he was fully in. I began moving my hips rhythmically as he drove in and out slowly to prevent me from suffering a tear. I wanted us to climax together, so I started wanking as he fucked me. The drip-drip sound of the water masked the plop- plop sound of our wet bodies colliding with each other passionately. I pulled his body close to mine with just one hand, digging my fingers into his full ass.

Despite the cold water from the shower, my body was on fire. My eyes were shut, my hands were busy, and my back was arching as the sensations traveled around my body. I could feel his hands tightened on my neck and his cock within me pulsate, and I knew he would come any moment. I was also close, almost at the edge of the climax. I could barely stand as the spasm from his increased pounding shook my leg.

He belched my name gently as I felt his seed seep into me; less than two seconds later, I felt warm cum sprout out of my cock into my hands to complete my double orgasm. Gasping for breath, he collapsed on my bare back, wrapping his arms around me, he told me that we weren’t done yet. I couldn’t wait for an encore; I only hoped it would be in his room.

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